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Organizing your closet is a sensible thing to do, because aside from saving time, a clean uncluttered closet also helps keep you unflustered. For instance how much time do you waste searching for things in your closet? Or how much of your wardrobe never gets used or seen because it is stuck at the bottom of the pile? Maybe you have had one of those Aha! moments when you find something that you forgot you even owned? Well, if this sounds familiar, then you are in need of a closet make-over.

Closet Wire ShelvingThe first step in any closet shelving project is to come up with a design and/or layout that meets your needs. Many closet shelving manufacturers and retailers have design tools to help you lay out and design your closet.

Wire Shelving

Today, there is a whole industry built around helping homeowners organize their homes and stuff. There are companies producing ready-made closet organizers, which are extremely versatile because the shelves can be adjusted to fit your closet. These closet organizers mostly utilize wire shelving. They are or can be:
– Specifically designed to maximize the space you have
– Combines modern living and practicality
– Gives all the convenience of custom built closets
– At a fraction of the cost
– Fits any space
– Gives affordability and versatility

1. Know What You Need

The tools you will need in order to install wire shelving are:
– Tape measure, Bolt cutters, Hacksaw, Drill bits, Screw drivers or driver bits, Pencil, Level, Hammer

Closet Wire Shelving2. Determine the Type Of Wall You Have

Basically, wire shelving is installed against the wall through the use of screw-mounted clips and is supported with brackets. But knowing what kind of wall you have is important, because the method of mounting the clips is dependent on the wall materials.

For example, for a concrete wall, you need to drill a one quarter inch hole with a masonry bit into the wall in order to then fasten the clip with a #8 x 1 inch screw. If your wall, is drywall you still need to drill a one quarter inch hole only it is easier. However, if your wall is solid wood, then the installation should start with cutting the rear projection from the clip and then you can secure the clip easily to the wall with a #8 x 1 inch wood screw.

3. Determining the Shelf Size and Mounting Instructions

To determine the length of shelf you will need. Measure the length then, deduct about three quarters of an inch. This will make sure that the shelf will not scrub the wall on each end. Continue to cut down the sections of the shelving into the appropriate lengths with the use of a hacksaw or the bolt cutters. Bolt cutters are quicker if you have them.

Closet Wire ShelvingNow that you know what method needs to be used in installing the clips, proceed to the next step by marking the position of the first clip. Level across and create a corresponding mark at the other end of the shelf and divide the interval in-between into equal spaces not more than 12 inches apart. The actual spot of where the screw needs to go to secure the plastic clip is 5/8 inch up from each mark above the level guide line. Make and drill a hole in the center of every spot then tap the clip into the hole with the handle of a hammer and fasten it with a fastening screw. Provide support to your shelves by securing end brackets on each wall and support braces no more than 3 feet apart along the shelf.

Experience The Difference

Installing wire shelving can be an easy solution to solving your shelving needs in your home, school or work. With a little planning, you can transform even the most disorganized of closets into a space that neatly and efficiently stores your pants, shirts and shoes. All it takes is a wire closet organizer and following the steps above to install them.