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Many jobs around the house are made much easier by using a ladder to reach those hard to get to places. For example, on the inside of your house you will find it much easier to use a stepladder for jobs like painting ceilings, or reaching items on high shelves in your kitchen cupboards. On the outside of your home cleaning windows or doing repairs to your roof are very difficult to accomplish without using a ladder to reach the required height. Some ladders may only elevate the user a few feet from the ground, while others provide access to a third story roof.

LaddersTo most people, ladders may seem like a simple object with a basic intended use, you go up them, you come down them. But what many don’t realize is that nowadays, each ladder available on the market is specifically designed for a certain type of job or function. So when it comes to choosing a ladder, you need to consider the specific job you are looking to do. You also need to keep in mind the height you need to be able to comfortably reach and the load your ladder must bear.

Always choose the right capacity of ladder which comes with several categories such as light-duty ladders (capacity up to 200 pounds), medium-duty ladders (capacity up to 225 pounds), heavy-duty ladders (capacity up to 250 pounds) and extra-heavy-duty ladders (capacity up to 300 pounds).

Here are the different styles of ladders available.
LaddersExtension ladders are used outside: the extension ladder is divided into more than one part for easier storage but can be extended to increase the height of the ladder. It needs to be leaned against a stable surface, such as a wall or the edge of a roof, before they can be ascended.
The telescopic ladder works on the same principle as the extension ladder but is made of pieces of tubing which slide inside one another for even more compact storage. This also allows the user to decide how tall the ladder needs to be to efficiently accomplish the task at hand.
The stepladder is much smaller, and is mostly used inside or on flat ground. This consists of a frame which opens into a V shape with steps up one side. The V formation allows it to be freestanding.
The adjustable ladder can function either way. It is made so that it can be used as a short extension ladder or can be converted into a step ladder and can be adjusted to be offset so that it works on stairs. This is often very convenient.

Almost all ladders are made of aluminum but some are made from fiberglass or wood. Aluminum is lightweight and yet sturdy, making it the ideal material for a ladder. Both wood and fiberglass are heavier weight wise, but are none conductive which is good when you are working with electricity. The horizontal steps of a ladder are known as rungs, but less commonly known is the fact that the vertical sides of the ladder are called stiles or rails.

LaddersIf you are going to be using a ladder it is important that you understand ladder safety and how to ensure that you are able to maintain proper balance and composure when you are on your ladders. Every year many people are injured, some fatally, while using ladders both at home and on construction sites. More than half of the accidents occur because ladders are not securely placed and fixed, and of these many happen when the work is less than 30 minutes in duration. Other causes of accidents include climbing with loads, overreaching or over-balancing. Some accidents are caused by grease, oil or some other slippery substance, transferred to ladder rungs on the soles of the user’s boots.

When using a ladder it is important to ensure the ladder is safe before it is climbed. It is recommended that for extension ladders the distance from the base of the ladder to the surface it is leaned against is a quarter of the height of the ladder. If the angle is greater the ladder can lose its grip and slide down the wall, if it is smaller the top of the ladder could topple back from the wall due to the added weight of the climber on it.

If you are interested in finding something that can work for you, it is important that you look around. There are many quality ladders that are available so you will need to find something that can work for you. People who are interested in using a good ladder should start their search online.

Work smart work safe.