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While power tools aren’t cheap, owning your own power tools is much easier than having to rent buy them when a household project comes up. If you are able to do the project yourself having the tools is much cheaper than hiring someone else to do the work. With the tools listed below you should be able to complete most day to day projects that you will have around the house. They are versatile and can be used for a variety of jobs.

 Power Tools A power screwdriver may not seem essential, but they are one of the handiest tools around. It is the power tool I reach for the most because I am constantly trying to get a screw in our out of somewhere in the home. I know all too well what a luxury it can be as in just a few seconds you can get that screw out of the wall or put in an anchor and screw to hang up a picture frame. I keep my power screwdriver fully charged and ready to go. They come with tips that can be changed from Robertson to Phillips to a flat head or any other type of driver, there is little need to have any other screwdriver around.

A “>power drillA miter saw is fairly inexpensive. It works well for cutting angles on the edges of wood and other materials. This is great for cutting square and straight and getting the perfect fit on the corners on the first try.

A jig saw is great for making scroll and circular cuts and square cut outs. Most jigsaws are adaptable for a variety of saw blades and are relatively easy to handle. One of the most common uses for a jigsaw is to cut out a hole for something in the middle of a board.

A circular saw is great for a variety of projects.  Power Tools Circular saws cut through most any kind of materials if you use the right saw blades and you will get a very smooth cut with the right blade. You can also make fairly straight cuts with a proper jig. You need to be very careful with a circular saw though, as many power tool injuries occur with this particular power tool.

Three other tools you will find very useful if you enjoy doing projects around the house.

A table saw cab be an expensive power tool to invest in, but there are small portable ones available if your project isn’t too big. They are very handy and last for years. There are many things you can do with a table saw. It is very helpful when you are cutting long pieces of material or heavy sheets of plywood because you have a table to balance the weight on. It is especially great for making accurate straight cuts. Though it may take a couple of times using it to get used to it you’ll be glad you purchased one.

A power sander that works with or against the grain is something I recommend if you will be doing any type of sanding. The most versatile is an orbital sander. They can be used on furniture, a vehicle or a number of other projects. Having a power sander is going to save you hours or even days of sanding by hand, depending on the size of the project. You will also get a nicer finish. Using the right grade of sandpaper is very important. Coarse grit is for rough work and a fine grit for a very smooth finish.

A router is a great tool for detail work especially if you like to work with wood. They can take a little to get used to but can be used to make decorative trim on the edge of wood or engraving on the middle of it. There are hundreds of accessories for routers so you can be very creative with your designing.

While the power tools you purchase are completely up to you, this is a list of the ones that I think you should have as well as a brief explanation why. With these tools on hand, you will be ready to tackle a variety of household projects that are sure to materialize over the course of time.