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So what greater surprise could a child have than a fabulous playground in their own backyard? Children love to spend hours playing on slides, swing sets, and playgrounds in general. Many people install playground equipment in their own backyard instead of taking their kids on a trek to the neighborhood park.

 playground equipment There is a huge selection of excellent playground equipment on the market. The main question you will have to answer is what kind of material do you want it made out of. Though you may have many reasons for installing backyard playground equipment , you will have to evaluate the differences between the two main materials, metal and wood. You will want to do this evaluation carefully before your purchase.

It doesn’t matter whether you choose wooden or metal playground equipment you need to be sure that it follows all the proper safety standards. You also need to remember that children are injured every year by not playing safely on playground equipment without appropriate supervision. So it doesn’t matter that this playground is going to be in your own backyard (instead of at the neighborhood park), your children should still play under appropriate supervision.

As a parent you probably think back to the playground equipment you played on and at that time most of it was made from metal. Even today, many swing sets are still made from metal tubes and use a chain for attaching the seat.

 playground equipment Although metal equipment is still available, wooden equipment has far surpassed the metal in safety and versatility. One of the main reasons for the popularity of wooden playground equipment today is the ability you have at customizing the options. Another reason many parents choose wooden playground equipment is it can be built for less money than purchasing a metal play set.

If you are at all handy take a look at building your own fantastic outdoor playground creation. Wood is definitely the way to go for doing this. There are all kinds of kits that allow you to combine the different elements, slides, swings, climbing walls, and a variety of other aspects to customize your set.

 playground equipment The planning and building process required in making your wooden playground equipment is a great project for the entire family. Involving your children will allow them to express themselves and create a custom set that they will truly enjoy. Let your imagine roam wild!

Maybe picking up a hammer and nails doesn’t sound like it is in your comfort zone. Then look at pre-made sets instead. Although you won’t have the same ability to customize your set, there are so many fantastic options available you still will be able to have a great set.

Keep in mind that any equipment you build or buy should be regularly inspected to make sure it remains safe for your kids to use. Wooden playground equipment is especially prone to have splits or splinters which can hurt young hands. The wood can also deteriorate over time and will need to be made out of wood that is made for outdoor use. It is also good to keep the wood looking fresh with proper weather coatings every year or two.

Wood or metal? It’s wood in my books.