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In many homes, the main stairway greets all who come in the front door, creating a grand entrance. Many stairways, especially those in older homes, were built to be a house’s showpiece. In others, it rises along a living room wall, less visible but no less a key feature of a house’s style and decor.

Wood RailingsOne of the main reasons for the use of a railing is to ensure the safety of people. You can not only be liable and subject to criminal charges if a guest falls in your home, but you need a railing for your own safety. Therefore they need to be built well and to code.

Railings also improve the appearance of your home and complement the stairs. The stairs are built to complement the architectural style of the house. The decorative railing is built to compliment the stairs and adds a touch of elegance and grandeur to a home.

Wooden railings are the first choice for most owners or builders as the elegance and the style that you get from wooden railings is amazing compared to other materials. Wood gives you a kind of warmth and tranquility that you cannot get from any other material.

Here are Some Advantages of Wood Railings

1. The elegance of wood is unmatched by anything else.

Wood Railings2. Contrary to popular belief, wood railings, when used indoors and not exposed to the elements, are almost totally maintenance free. If wood railings are properly lacquered when they are installed, a light dusting and polishing from time to time will keep them looking beautiful

3.> aside from their beautiful good looks, wood is also very durable, and heavy wooden railings can last forever in a home. They can last for several decades if not centuries.

One of the most common things to spur changes in the design of a house are changes in a family’s lifestyle. It may be a new child on the way or maybe an older parent is coming to live with you and needs special accommodations.

There are many choices of wood for railings

Wooden stock rails, balusters and newel can be made out of many types of wood. Though in North America hardwoods like Red Oak, Walnut, Cherry, Maple, or Ash are most commonly used. Softwoods like Poplar, Beech, Yellow Pine and Cedar are also used. Imported woods like Burma Teak, Mahogany can also be used for a price.

Wood RailingsCare of Wood In General, Railing In Particular

Wood indoors when properly treated and cared for requires no maintenance. Regular cleaning, annual polishing, waxing when the wood railing looks dull is all that is required. Out-door railings; well that’s a different story.

Wooden Railings are liked and admired by most homeowners and are a very elegant addition to any home. For an instant update to your home that will add a stylish touch, consider adding wood railings. Wood railings have long been the choice for indoor railings because they have a soft and mellow look for inside the house. The elegance and style of wooden railings is unmatched.