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Porter-Cable is a manufacturer of power tools that is very well known. With their reliability and quality they have earned their place as one of the leading power tool makers in the world.

 Porter-Cable Power Tools They are a power tool manufacturer you can rely on. Porter-Cable has been in operation since 1906 when two young men started a small business out of their garage in New York. They began marketing power tools in 1914. Porter-Cable has proven over time that they are a company who makes power tools that are reliable, durable, and long lasting.

Porter-Cable offers a complete line of power tools. They have all the tools you could possibly ever need, sander, drills, saws, routers, power screwdrivers, and nailers. They also offer a full line of accessories to make using any of their power tools even more convenient and versatile.

Every Porter-Cable power tool is designed to be comfortable, sturdy, and easy to handle. The result is accuracy and excellent quality projects you can be proud of.

 Porter-Cable Power Tools Porter-Cable continues to work hard at making changes to their power tools that make them work more efficiently, reduce the amount of time it takes for you to operate them, and that are safer to use.

They also offer excellent customer service, and strive to answer any questions or concerns you may have about their power tools.

If you are stuck because you can’t afford quality new power tools, yet you don’t want to waste your money on poor quality power tools, there is a great alternative. Porter-Cable offers reconditioned power tools. This means these power tools have been used, and then repaired. You can purchase these power tools for a fraction of what it would cost you to get the same tool new. The result is a power tool that runs like new, but you don’t pay retail price for.

Reconditioned tools from Porter-Cable come with a one year warranty as well as a thirty day money back guarantee. That means that you are getting the same offer that many power tool manufacturers offer for brand new power tool purchases.

Do you need some reliable power tools that work well? Porter-Cable power tools are available at some home improvement and hardware stores. You can also purchase them online. The reconditioned Porter-Cable power tools can only be purchased online.

 Porter-Cable Power Tools Porter-Cable has worked hard to promote themselves as a reliable dealer of power tools, both new and reconditioned. They offer a wide selection of power tools for every project as well as for businesses and for individuals.

Porter-Cable has just celebrated its 100th anniversary and has established itself as a power tool manufacturer that continues to change with the times, to meet the demands of you the consumer.

Not sure which power tool you need to purchase? Go online and take the Porter-Cable power tool virtual tours. You can click on any power tool and instantly get information on the features, watch a video, and get a 360 degree view of each one. All you need is Windows Media Player or Quicktime.

One thing I know for sure. You won’t be disappointed with any Porter-Cable power tool you decide to purchase.