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This is a guest post but one I believe in completely. I have personally been using an Empire level for a number of years and find it an absolute joy to use. It is accurate durable and the vials have stayed clear and easy to read. That is something that is not easy in the rough world or renovations. I certainly have no problem endorsing Empire levels for anyone interested in doing an accurate job. And that is on the level (lol).

 Empire Level

Ideal for home improvement and decorating projects

Empire Level Mfg. Corp. has introduced a new 600 Series Box Level that is light weight, durable and easy to use for a variety of household projects.

A new 300 degree top-read vial makes it quick and easy to read, and a centered graduated rule on the bottom of the level makes measuring and centering a cinch, particularly on jobs like hanging artwork or photography arrangements on the wall, which need to be both level and spaced evenly apart. Its aluminum frame makes it both strong and lightweight, which is particularly helpful when you’re working on a project that requires you to hold a level in one place for long periods of time.

 Empire Level The new level features a rigid, aluminum box frame and shock-absorbing end caps for added durability. The acrylic vials won’t leak if you happen to drop it while working on a project, which is a particularly attractive feature for consumers working around the house.

“With all of the new features that we’ve added to the 600 Series Box Level for increased efficiency and durability, we’re sure this new level will be really popular with Do-It-Yourselfers who are working on home decorating and other projects where the right level can make all the difference,” said Jenni Becker, president of Empire Level Mfg. Corp. “Environmentally-conscious consumers will also appreciate that the level is almost entirely recyclable.”

Empire Level products can be found at retail and online stores throughout the United States. The new 600 Series is available in both 24” and 48” sizes.

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Empire Level is the home of TrueBlue® – the most accurate vials in the world. The blue fluid in Empire level vials is a unique symbol of superior accuracy and a trademark of Empire Level Mfg. Corp. For over 90 years, Empire has been the leading designer and innovator of accurate and durable measuring tools for the professional and end user. Empire employs approximately 300 people at its facilities in Mukwonago, Wisconsin. More information about Empire and its products can be found at: .