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I am always looking for new and improved tools. A Tradesman can never have enough tools in the tool box ready to go to work whenever they are needed. I am no different. Channellock makes great tools that not only work well but last, it seems, forever (if not abused). So you might be interested in this guest article below about their new improved linemen’s pliers.


Channellock Channellock introduces the improved 9.5” 369 high-leverage linemen’s plier, the latest in high-performance design from the company known worldwide for manufacturing quality pliers. Channellock re-created its original linemen’s plier and positioned the rivet closer to the head, providing more power to the laser heat-treated edges to cut through fish tape with less effort.

“Our improved high-leverage linemen’s plier surpasses the competition in both the testing lab and the field,” notes Ryan DeArment, vice president of sales and marketing at CHANNELLOCK®. “Professionals and do-it-yourselfers will be thrilled with the reduced effort and time saved that the 369 high-leverage linemen’s plier provides.”

A comprehensive evaluation by IMR Test Labs, an independent testing agency, verifies that the improved 9.5” 369 high-leverage linemen’s plier outperforms other professional-grade brands. It requires only 87 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure to cut through 252,000 psi tensile strength fish tape, representing a drastic decrease in force required to cut the wire compared to the competition.

Channellock CHANNELLOCK® displayed the 9.5” 369 high-leverage linemen’s plier at both the National Hardware Show in May and the Skills USA competition in June, and tradesmen loved the improved tool. In a side-by-side comparison, they commented that it had a better balance in their hands than competitors. One professional noted that he could “feel the difference straight out of the package.”

Like all CHANNELLOCK® pliers, the 9.5” 369 high-leverage linemen’s plier is manufactured in Meadville, Pa. It features drop-forged, high-carbon C1080 steel and the signature CHANNELLOCK BLUE® comfort grips.

A Code Blue® version of the tool is also available.

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