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Are you are in the market for a new jigsaw? If you are then you’re probably wondering which one you should buy. There are a lot of jigsaws on the market today, each providing a great level of performance for a relatively low price tag. Then there is the question should I stick with a corded tool or go cordless. The answer to that question is “depends”.

Cordless JigsawLet’s look at some of the considerations. Though cordless tools are getting better all the time, I still think a corded tool outperforms a cordless tool for pure power any day of the week but there are a lot of other considerations, such as convenience, portability etc. So how you plan on using the tool and what you will be using it for are the important decision makers as far as I’m concerned.

So if you’ve made the decision to go cordless for convenience and portability – now which one should you buy?

Cordless JigsawAnother important thing to consider when buying a jigsaw is what kind of features it has. Of course, the more money you pay the more features you are going to get. But at the same time, if you can find a less expensive model with a lot of features then for sure you will have a really good deal.

If you are looking for an entry level cordless jigsaw that is performing really well you should consider the Ryobi P520. This tool will not be as powerful or precise as the top models, but it is still a good quality tool. This model offers easy to use features, including an easy blade change system. It is ideal if you do not use a jigsaw on a regular basis or don’t need a lot of features. Less expensive tools usually use sleeve bearings instead of ball bearings and lesser quality parts so will not stand up to hard use or abuse very well. They are also usually not as precise in the way they cut. The preciseness of a cut though is most often the result of the user. For the price this is a very good tool. Often it can be yours for around $50.

Cordless JigsawOne of the top rated cordless jigsaws on the market today is the 18 volt Bosch 52318. The number one drawing feature of this model is its smooth cutting power. I have used a Bosch jigsaw for many years (though corded) and love the way it operates. The way Bosch has designed the cutting action of the blade it cuts through the material a lot easier then a lot of other makes. The Bosch 52318 cordless jigsaw offers the smoothest operation out of all of the jigsaws on the market today. Another great advantage is that the jigsaw itself carries a three year warranty and the battery carries a two year warranty. This is excellent and means you won’t have to worry about repair costs for the first two years of ownership. Bosch makes some of the most reliable and durable tools in the world so even after the warranty runs out you should not have to worry about problems for many years. Even with all of these features you will only have to pay around $200.

The great thing about cordless saws is when sawing with it you never have to worry about getting tangled up with the cord. So a cordless jigsaw is a great addition to any tool collection. If you are looking at adding a cordless jigsaw to your work shop consider one of the two we’ve looked at. Even though there are many models of cordless jigsaws on the market for you to choose from I think either of these are a great choice.