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So, you have that wooden chair with one or two loose legs or rungs. The chair is too nice to throw away. And at the same time, although you leave it out for family, when company comes the chair is always relegated to the corner to hold the planter.

There are 2 methods to repair a wobbly chair. Re-glue and clamp or you can repair it without taking it apart!

How to Repair A Wobbly ChairRe-glue and clamp

Using some glue and clamps is by far the best and most permanent solution. This may not be the easiest but it is the best. You can easily fix it and by morning it will be as good as new.

What you will need:
• Sandpaper or steel wool
• Carpenter’s Wood Glue
• Wood clamp, strap clamp or tourniquet
• Vinegar (if needed)

1. Remove or take apart as much of the chair as is loose, Legs or rungs whatever.

2. Remove all the old glue from both parts that need to be re-glued with sandpaper or steel wool or scraping. Tip: vinegar will soften some old glue that may be difficult to remove.

How to Repair A Wobbly Chair3. Using Carpenter’s Wood Glue spread glue on both surfaces. Make sure you use plenty.

4. Use a wood clamp, strap clamp or tourniquet to apply pressure on joint for 30 minutes. For full bond allow to dry overnight before using.

You can also try repairing it without taking it apart.

You will need two things.

First of all you will need some super glue type glue (cyanoacrylate is the technical term for super glue type glues). I use one called Miracle Glue. It stays good for years if kept in the freezer or refrigerator. It definitely needs to be glue that will wick well. By this I mean that it will soak down in between the two pieces of wood even though they are close together.

The second thing you will need is some very fine powder. Fine sawdust is probably best but is often too coarse. If you can’t find some fine enough, talcum powder or baking soda will do. You can even use coffee grounds or some spices if they are fine enough. They will give you the color you want.

How to Repair A Wobbly Chair1. Orientate your chair so that gravity helps you work the powder into the space between the two pieces of wood. Note: while doing this you are leaving the dowel in the hole in the other part of the chair. Keep working it in until there is no more motion or give between the two pieces. Brush off any excess around the hole so it is smooth.

2. Now using your Miracle Glue bottle release a few drops onto the powder between the pieces of wood and let it soak in. Again, let gravity help. I usually do a drop at a time and keep going it as long as it will soak in. Most of the time, 3-4 drops are enough unless there is a very large space to fill.

By using the right glue your chair will be fixed within minutes and although it is probably not necessary I wait 24 hours before letting my in-laws use the chair.

There you go – no more wobbly chair.