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Bosch power tools
have great tools for both the DIY’er and for the contractor. They offer the consumer a full line of both corded and cordless power tools including saws, drills, routers, sanders, nailers, power screwdrivers etc.

Bosch gives you, the consumer, something most other power tool manufacturers haven’t even thought of. It is called the Flexible Power System. With many of their power tools including drills and saws, you get to choose the minimum weight and the maximum power you want from that particular power tool.

 Bosch Power Tools Bosch also has some great new power tools on the market.
One of these is the pocket driver which is very compact yet very powerful. With it you can insert 100 screws on one battery charge.
Another one is the I-Driver which is a power screwdriver. It is designed with a pivoting head which allows you to get into very tight spaces.
The Brute Tough drill and driver is another very powerful and versatile tool. It can be used for a variety of projects.

In addition to the basic power tools they also have some great specialty tools which are designed for specific projects. A couple of these are
-The Bosch heat gun offers two speeds as well as several temperatures. It also comes in several sizes. Various accessories are also available to meet your particular projects needs. These accessories include the heat gun blower, spreader, and reflector.
-The Bosch foam rubber cutter is another excellent specialty tool. It is designed to easily cut through foam rubber and flexible foams. There are various blades available to assist you with cutting foams of varying densities.

 Bosch Power Tools Maybe you’re looking for several different power tools. For this purpose Bosch has the five Pak, one of their best selling sets. It is an 18 volt cordless tool kit which offers.
-The Hammer Drill/Driver which is the same as owning a drill, a driver, and a hammer.
-The Circular saw which is powerful enough to do almost any job.
-The reciprocating saw is great for cutting in tight spots.
-The jigsaw which is great for precision cutting different shapes as well as fine cuts.
-You also get a great drop light and a heavy duty bag to carry it all in.
This set also comes with two extra batteries, battery chargers, a drill bit holder and various saw blades. This power tool kit has everything you need to complete a variety of home improvement products at a price of about $500.

Bosch really takes customer satisfaction and safety very seriously. Bosch power tools
are very versatile and meet or exceed the required safety requirements of the industry. Their goal is to meet the needs of every customer. They guarantee all their tools to be free from defects. Every tool comes with a one year warranty. They also have a thirty day money back guarantee and a one year service plan.

 Bosch Power Tools Bosch understands that if a tool is not working it affects your productivity which costs you time and money. If one of your Bosch power tools ever needs repair it’s best to contact them directly. They have service centers all over the world which can quickly and effectively repair your Bosch power tool. They guarantee your power tool will be ready within five days. Often repairs can be done at any location that sells Bosch power tools.

Bosch power tools
can be purchased at most hardware and home improvement stores including Home Hardware and Home Depot. They offer reliable power tools at a very comparable price. You won’t be disappointed with the power tools you purchase from Bosch.