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Handyman or not, you need the right tools to get the job done, and for most small around-the-house jobs, a hand tool will do fine. Air tools, also known as pneumatic tools, are very popular among do-it-yourself (DIY) enthusiasts today. Although they have been used in the industrial and manufacturing sectors for years, over the last several years the prices have come down so that even the average homeowner can have one.

Air HammerThese tools are easy to use, all you need to do is plug in the hose of your air tool to your compressor and begin the work! There is an air tool for almost every job. Air brushes, grinders, pneumatic hammers, lubricators, air nailer, air paint sprayers, air blasters, air saws, tire inflators and pneumatic wrenches are some of them.

Today no handyman or professional’s tool box is complete without an air hammer. An air hammer is a type of hammer that is powered by compressed air. This type of tool is very convenient for any household projects including repairs, home improvements, or new construction where a hammer is needed.

Air hammers require no swinging so they are easier on the arm and don’t make marks on the wood when you miss the nail. The convenience of pressing the hammer to the surface in order to deliver the nail and pressing the trigger is much easier than traditional hammering. Not only that, but finish nailers set the nail at the same time, saving that extra step in finishing the project.

There are several different types of air nailers.
The largest is a framing nailer and will drive nails up to 3.25” and as you might imagine is used for nailing framing members to each other.
There are also framing nailers that will shoot nails up to 2” and these are used for nailing plywood sheeting or 1” boards like in fencing.
There are finish nailers that shoot 16g nails up to 2.5” long and are good for heavier trim work.
The 18g finish nailer will take nails up to 2” and is good for light trim work.
Even smaller trims nailers are available that can be used for very fine work.
Staplers are also available and are used for many different types of jobs.
And there are plenty more

Air HammerAir hammers are safer than traditional hammers. Because it is not necessary to hold the nail in place with your hand, this reduces the risk of hitting your finger and bruising or even breaking a finger if you miss the nail head. There is still some safety issues though, like if you get your fingers to close while holding two pieces together that you are nailing, you can put a nail through a finger faster than you can blink..

Using an air hammer will allow your project to be completed faster. Manually hammering nails is tiring work that can take a lot of time. With an air hammer though, this process is sped up considerably.

Air HammerAir hammers can be found in home improvement stores or hardware stores. They are also readily available online for convenient shopping from the comfort of your own home. There are many different brands available with various features. Decide the types of projects you will work on and how frequently the air hammer will be used to determine the brand and features needed. I have used both cheap imports and domestic models and there certainly is a difference in the quality which affects both the quality of work they do and the longevity of the tool. So if you are going to be using it a lot and want a good quality tool that will last for years buy from a known brand.

When doing any home improvement projects, it is important to have the right tools. Air tools are an invaluable asset to any serious tool collection and an air hammer is one great tool to have around the house. With a compressor and a few air tools, nearly any home improvement or DIY job is complete and finished in no time at all.