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Handy man services are in high demand today but often they have one of the worst reputations around for charging for things they don’t do or charging too much for the work they do. Good handyman businesses are extremely hard to find and yet are in high demand.

As I just said a good handyman is often quite difficult to find because the ones that produce quality work at a price that is acceptable for the quality work they do are usually booked solid. Nevertheless, to be able to find these quality workers there are some things you need to know and look for when seeking one.

It doesn’t matter whether you only have a small repair job or you’re looking to have a sizeable makeover in an area of your home, it really does pay to hire the best handyman business available. And don’t forget when you find a top quality honest handyman service hang on to them as you will want to use them time and again.

Unfortunately many handyman businesses are known for:
– being unreliable and untrustworthy.
– asking you for cash up front then leave the work unfinished
– demanding extra money above what you agreed on
– do a shoddy job
– not responding to phone calls when you need to get them back to fix something he did

So how do you know if the guy you had look at your work or talked to is one of the good guys out there? Here are things you the homeowner should do to protect yourself and your home.
– ask for references
– are they known by the chamber of Commerce or Better Business Bureau
– are they a registered business or just working out of their truck?
– did they knock on your door or did you find them in the yellow pages (online or phone book) This is only a possible indicator.
– don’t pay for the job upfront! (maybe 15 to 20% but no more)
– don’t let them charge the materials under your name at any home improvement center or other store.
– don’t pay for the completed job until you are fully satisfied with the work.
– have someone you know who knows quality work inspect the job during and on completion before you pay.

Now several of these you may think only apply to larger jobs and in one sense they do, nevertheless they still are relevant though for a 25 dollar repair that you’re not happy with, you could just not hire them again. On the other hand having to pay for a two thousand dollar job twice because the first time was done incorrectly that is another story.

One final thing that you should keep in mind, handymen don’t all come being able to do all things high quality. They have a variety of abilities and skills that they are good at others that they are not so good at. As the homeowner it’s up to you to figure out if they’re competent to do what you need done or not.

Finding a good handyman who will provide a variety of services is a tremendous way to free up some of your time. That way you can get the things done you need to and still have time for your family and yourself.