Dave McIntosh

Hi, let me introduce myself. My name is Dave McIntosh and I live in beautiful Ontario Canada where I have operated my own Carpentry/Renovation Business for the past 28 years. I grew up only 50 km from where I live now and had a very early start at the trade through working for my Dad who was and still is a very good carpenter, though he is retired now. I have learned how to be meticulous in my work, yet timely, and learned a great variety of tasks because that’s what house renovations requires, each job has its own unique combination of circumstances. I have enjoyed running my own business over the years, though it is not a big company because I like to have my fingers on everything we do. If I wanted to be a big business that would not be the right approach, but my concern has never been to get big or rich, but doing the job right, something I could take pride in and attach my name to in good conscience. I also have not been afraid of trying new things, I love the challenge. Often customers have asked me how many times I have done a particular task before because they thought I really knew what I was doing. In fact I really did know what I was doing even if this was the first time I had actually done it, because I had researched what needed to be done and how to do it and even though I had not done it before I had it well thought and planned out.

Over the years I have gained lots of experience and know how to do a lot of different things very well and that is where this page comes in. People call me all the time looking for information on how to do tasks in their own attempts at fixing things up around their house. I have found that I can’t do it all but that what I have learned can really help others do what I have done and that is learn to do things right the first time. I am not saying that there aren’t techniques that need to be learned to be good at something because there are. But knowing HOW to do something and then taking your time can go a long way to getting it right.

Many times I have seen people from all walks of life doing things around the house that are as good as or better then I have done. Often it’s because a person has taken lots of time while I am always working on a schedule – I know that if I took the time that they took to do it that would be a different story – but when you do something for yourself it doesn’t really matter how long it takes, does it? Unless your spouse is asking for it to be done yesterday, then of course you will have to figure out how to get it done FAST.

Through this blog I will teach you step by step how to do different jobs/projects around the house the right way. These projects will touch on just about any thing around the house inside or out. If you have a project you would like to learn about please leave a comment on any of the comment boxes and I will seek to cover it as soon as possible after receiving it.

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