Home Inspectors are Good Home Investment Protectors

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Buying a house, whether it’s new or pre-owned, can be the biggest single investment you will ever make. Therefore you should really ensure that your investment is actually worth its true value and a home inspection is a way of doing just that. Plus it can help you avoid any hidden flaws in a house’s structure or systems.

 Home Inspector A good home inspection process is something most home buyers should know about and take advantage of. A good home inspector is someone who can help you protect your investment.

Generally the home inspection process is the visual examination of a house’s physical structure and utility systems. From the roof down to the foundation it will determine the current condition of a house.

The standard home inspection procedure ascertains the condition of the house’s internal and external set-up, ranging from the house’s interior plumbing, electrical and heating system; central air conditioning system; roof and attic; visible insulation, as well as the walls, ceilings, floors, windows and doors; the foundation structure that includes the basement and structural components.

 Home Inspector The inspector will pay special attention to the house’s electrical system. He may want to remove the cover on the electric service panel to examine it more closely, so be sure that the panel is accessible and that the cover is easily removed. The plumbing pipes are also an important part of the house and will require a close look.

To do his job properly he will need access to every part of the house, particularly the utility room areas, basement and or crawl spaces and attic. These are but some of the many important areas when it comes to a home inspection.

There are also some important things you need to know about a good home inspection.
-Never attempt to conceal any defects that you are aware of.
-Allow the inspector to take their time while inspecting the house.
-Avoid asking too many questions related to the condition of the home while the inspector is in the process of the examination.
-Do not argue with the inspector about comments you may overhear, or make presumptions on the apparent results of the inspection.
-Remember they have been asked by you to help you identify any problems you need to be aware of.
-As much as possible, make sure you are aware of the things the home inspector needs to check into.

 Home Inspector The bottom line for any home inspection process is to focus on two things. The first thing is consumer protection and the investment of the client. Since investing in a home is probably one of the biggest investments you will ever make.

Even if you’re not planning on buying or selling a house, a home inspection can be a great help to you. They can help discover problems that could arise with your existing home even before they happen. Home inspectors will suggest preventive measures that can prevent costly repairs that are likely to occur giving you some time to make repairs, instead of having to make those repairs in an emergency situation.

Some people may consider home inspectors as very negative and only looking for the bad. In reality, they can actually be your next best friend. Ensuring you get value for your money when investing in a home or maintaining the value of the home you have.

So think of it this way, a home inspector can be a good investment protector.

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